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Our Consumer Direct Lending Solution


The  pricing engine  and marketing solution comes bundled with every lead management and CRM tool you need. If you want your pricing engine solution to help originate new loans; if you want to have access to software that is vital to consumer direct mortgage origination, then you want want to work with us!


What We Offer:


  1. Best Execution Pricing and Automated Quoting on our websites, your websites, and partner websites

  2. Mobile Web and Customizable Website Pricing Solutions

  3. Lead Management, CRM, Email Marketing, Automated Telephone Connection

  4. Incomparable dashboards that help you understand what is driving your bottom line.

  5. Full integration with Zillow, MSN, Yahoo Money and others if desired

  6. Per lead or All inclusive pricing structures available


We provide lenders with exclusive and scalable online mortgage origination - Everything else, comparatively speaking, is just another pricing engine

Campaign Manager - Keeps you in front of your customer with affordable, customized and automated email messaging. The campaign manager sends email with messaging relative to the lead’s pipeline status and provides real time tracking on consumer actions - opening email, clicks to your website, and more. Campaign Manager is unequalled in value and consumer insight and identifies sales opportunities in your pipeline.

Lead Manager - Every lender that does consumer direct marketing requires effective lead management to ensure a return on their investment. Loan Officers love LoanTek’s easy search and sort tools. Lead Manager offers custom status fields and color coding to help your staff get to the hottest leads faster!

Custom Mortgage Widget - With our Quote Widget you can provide real time consumer pricing on your website or on your builder and real estate affiliate websites – their home buying site visitors can become your next client. Quote Widget is fully customizable consumer pricing automation and lead capture - contacts are assigned and contacted directly through our Lead Manager.

Loan Pricer - Loan Pricer only requires an automated quoting license for the branch - and is a free scenario pricing tool - available to all of the branch’s loan officers with a seat license. Pricing is fully integrated with the lead manager enabling the loan officer to immediately access pricing based upon the lead’s criteria.Stop wasting time re-entering information to achieve pricing results and get ready access to current pricing when you need it with Loan Pricer.

Lead Management Services - Every lender that does consumer direct marketing requires effective lead management to ensure a return on their investment. Our lead management system provides enterprise solutions to help you understand what is driving, or dragging, your bottom line. With a single click of a mouse you can determine the effectiveness of your lead sources, members of your sales team, and make the necessary adjustments for your success.



Instant VOIP Connect System - An independent survey reported that greater than 40% of mortgage seekers who transacted with an online lender went with the first lender to contact them. Now you can ensure that your loan officers are the first lender to contact your leads with our Instant VOIP Connect. It provides real time call connection to your sales team and ensures follow up calls are executed in a timely manner resulting in higher lead conversion ratios. Simply stated nothing beats a real time response and a follow up call schedule – you get both with our Instant VOIP Connect!

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