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We're More than Just Mortgage Rate Surveys is dedicated to providing real time and accurate mortgage information for the consumer along with other helpful things to make getting a loan an easy, low stress and understable process. Our staff has over 100 years combined mortgage experience and has worked diligently to bring you the best information available. 

Live Real Time Mortgage Rate Surveys

The Rates at a Glance Surveys were started originally as part of the Real Estate Services Guides in 1990. Initially they were in print in newsletter format, and then major newspapers like the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Time Harold, Houston Chronicle and Houston Post, Honolulu Advertiser, San Antonio Express and San Antonio Light, LA Times and other local papers across the country.


With the advent of the internet and the computer we have decided to expand once again across the USA to provide the consumer with a free, easy to use accurate system to compare lenders on not only rate, but closing costs, live and in real time. Additionally we will be providing helpful information to guide the consumer through the home loan process.


What's the best way to use our information? 

Mortgage Credit Reports and Credit Repair

In recent years, your FICO score has become one of the most dominant factors in purchasing a home. Your FICO score affects the price of your loan, the amount of down payment in some cases and the type of loan you can qualify best for.


We have teamed up with to provide you with a residential mortgage report (RMCR) for a nominal fee that will show you what credit scores the lenders are seeing.


Once you have receieved your bureau with the credit scores, you can read through our different articls regarding credit and how it will affect your ability to get a loan and how to improve  your scores with and without going through a credit repair company.


Want to know more about your credit?




Advice on Picking the Right Mortgage

FHA/VA, USDA, Conventional, Bond Money, First Time Homebuyer, 203K, Homestyle, Homepath,  80-10-10, 80-15-5. The choice of loan types is just be overwhelming but what is really the best loan for you?


In this section we discuss the different loan types availabe, the pros an cons of each. Additionally we discuss the ins and outs of Mortgage Insurance, how that affects your closing costs and how much you can afford and many other facets of getting a loan.


In addition, in our section on Picking Your Team, you will meet all the major players in a transaction and what to look for in a trans action professional. The Video Library is also a great resource regarding the loan process.


Lean more about picking the righ loan below.

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