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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the most commonly asked questions people are asking us regarding our website. If you don't see your question listed, feel free to ask us in the comments section at the bottom.







What hapens if I fill out the lender contact information?

When you fill out the lender contact form, you will be contacted by the lender you chose, not everyone on the list. You can chose to have more than on lender contact you but we want that to be your choice.






What do you mean the rates are "Live and in Real Time"?

When you select your scenario and push submit, our system goes to each participating lender, goes through all of their investors to find which of their investors has the best price for your loan and then displays those rates. Since rates change all day, our system is constantly monitoring the market and adjusting the rates shown as the market fluctuates in "real time".




I found the rate and company I am interested in, now what?

Under the Home button menu is an article about understanding mortgage surveys. We highly suggest that you read that so you can understand how surveys work and other things to consider besides rate. Go through the Mortgage advice section to make sure you understand the process and contact the lender. Our video library will also answer many questions you may have too.



Why do I want to pay to pull my credit through 


When Lenders talk about your credit score, they talk about FICO scores. FICO stands for Fair Isaic Corporation, and they are the company who developed the credit reporting rating system that FNMA/FHLMC, FHA, VA and USDA use to rate credit. Their rating system is secret so noone elses scores will match. Getting a free report is a waste of time except to look for late payments. By having your real FICO score, you mortgage search results will be accurate.



The lender I chose is not honoring the rates and fees they quoted. Now what?

False advertising is a serious offense in the mortgage lending industry leading to heavy fines by the CFPB. If you feel like you the lender has been less than hones with you, please email us a We will call the lender and see if we can fix the issue to your satisfaction at no charge. We will no tolerate bait and switch tactics. Period.

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