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Welcome to the Rates at a Glance Mortgage Survey, we're glad you're here! Our survey was designed to made it easy and fast to compare local and national mortgage rates and closing costs without any personal information being required.






We highly suggest that you get a credit report from if you are not certain what your credit scores are since the mortgage quotes show adjustments based upon your FICO scores. Why They are the only company that provides FICO scores the mortgage lenders use in their qualifications. Just click on their banner above to go to their website.


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Find Your Lender

In 4 Easy Steps

  • Fill in the form  and click Submit

  • Filter your results using the  yellow SORT and  blue  SHOW Buttons

  • Review your lender options and click the red  View Detail button

  • Review lender closing costs and terms and contact the lender

 Rates at a Glance Video and Learning Library

How to Use Our Survey

Its's easy to get a rate quote but what do all those numbers mean and how can you use them effectively to get the best deal for you?


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apply for a loan

Understanding Credit

How does your FICO score affect your loan? How do I improve my score? What happens if I have bad credit? Find out more here.


The Loan Application 

Applying for a mortgage can be a stressful experience, but if you are prepared when you apply, it's easy if you just follow these easy tips.

Choosing Your Team

Making sure you have the right team to handle your new home purchase is important. What should you look for in your team members?

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Choosing the Best Loan

With so many loan types out there, it's important to know your mortgage options are so you make the best choice for you and  your family.


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